Terms & Conditions

The non respect of these following rules can cause the suspension of your access to the company.
• The pilot must be in possession of a simulation software, exp. (Flight Simulator 2004, FSX or X-Plane) 
• The pilot must be over the age of 15
• The pilot must fly twice every 30 days
• The pilot must have a basic level of written and spoken English
• We do require all pilots to obtain an account with IVAO network
• Any applications submitted without IVAO ID will be rejected. To register please visit
• Pilots must file a PIREP at least twice a month
• Time Acceleration is NOT permitted
• You may NOT save the flight and fly it at a different time
• Pilots must performe the return flight otherwise the PIREP will automatically be rejected
• All pilots are required to file a PIREP at least twice a month
• Any pilot that becomes inactive after 30 days will be removed without notice • You may apply for « leave of Absence » after your first month of being active
• You are entitled to a maximum of 2 leave of Absences every year
• Each leave of Absences may not be longer than 60 days in length
  • It is strictly forbidden to use a different aircraft that the one chartered for the flight you will perform. Make sure you read carefully all the informations provided by the dispatcher
  • We recommend you to fly under Tunis Air livery. However, if there is no livery available, feel free to ask support in our forum
  • The flight will have to be performed on real-time, no time acceleration will be accepted. Departure time, as well as weather conditions 
  • You have to use the required fuel quantities on your flights! You can add maximum 4 tons of fuel. A flight with an incorrect fuel calculation will automatically be rejected